Neelkantha Mahadev


INR 79,270


A life size idol of Lord Neelkantha spiritualizing the ambience with His magnificent presence.

This divine Idol of Lord Shiva in ash blue colour can be placed at the entrance, living room or any spiritually purified place. Striking a yogic pose, the idol is sure to spiritually revitalize the place it is installed in.

Lord Shiva is called Neelkantha because he had consumed a deadly poison called Halahal during the Churning of Milk Ocean, Samudra Manthan. Had he not taken the poison, the entire creation would be ruined.

Made in sturdy C-forex. This material is resistant to water, sunlight and corrosion.

One who worships Neelkantha attains purification of the soul, removal of obstacles and the fulfillment of all material and spiritual desires.

Height: 39 inches
Base Dimension: 28 inches (L) x 20 inches (W)
Weight: 17.200 kgs
Packaging Weight: 25 kgs

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