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Ram Parivar in Bonded Marble


INR 4,325


This Ram Parivar idol beautifully crafted with diligence would make a suitable addition to every home. Enriched with durable and washable paintwork, the idol made in bonded marble beautifully features Lord Rama and His family. He is seated alongside His consort Sita with His younger brother Laxman standing on left side and Hanuman, His adherent devotee humbly kneeling with hands in Namaskar mudra on His right. The facial features displayed in realistic manner and intricate craftsmanship breathes life into the idol. A beautiful example of creative and brilliant craftsmanship, the Idol can be placed in your puja altar or in living area for divine blessings of harmony, unity, victory, protection and prosperity. Ram parivar is a representation of perfectionism, where Lord Ram is an ideal King, while Ram and Sita are depiction of an ideal couple, Laxman is depiction of an ideal brother and Hanuman is a depiction of an ideal devotee.

Height: Approx. 8 inches
Dimension: 11 (L) x 5 (W) inches
Weight: 1.560 Kgs