Opal - 13.70 carats


INR 38,360


An enchanting natural Opal Gemstone is desirable to be worn for its beauty and the merits it brings. Popularly worn as jewellery, it is a gemstone which bestows wealth, financial abundance, charm, beauty and Divine grace. When worn as a Ring, Pendant or Bracelet it looks mesmerising as it reflects various colours with change of light. Opal attracts love, good luck, name, fame, popularity. It enhances intuitive power, psychic skills, passion and removes confusion. It clears and balances the Crown or Sahasrara Chakra which connects to higher consciousness and Divine realm. Read more

Therapeutically, Opal stone boosts immune system and helps to heal nervous system.

Opal stone can be worn by everybody irrespective of one’s Kundli/horoscope.

The fascinating Opal Gemstone is a prized stone, endowed with rich properties and brings beneficial outcome when worn as jewellery.

Origin: Australia
Luster: Excellent
Dimension: Approx 22 x 16 x 10 mm
Price per carat: Rs 2800

Certificate will be provided.

Wear on Index finger only for full results. Alternatively wear this as a bracelet.

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