Panchamukhi Hanuman in Emerald - I


INR 24,775


A glorious Panchmukhi Hanuman in 100% natural Emerald Gemstone, is hand crafted deftly, is painted with Gold and Red colour to highlight various aspects of the idol. The small size Panchmukhi Hanuman in Emerald features Lord Hanuman sitting on a Lotus, with two faces on each side of His head. His ten hands hold different weapons, a Kalash with Coconut on top of it and a bowl. His right lowermost hand is raised in Abhaya Mudra, promising His protection and blessings. Panchmukhi Hanuman is considered extremely powerful for protection of devotees.

The faces of Panchmukhi Hanuman are: Hayagriva, Narsimha, Varaha, Garuda and in the centre is Lord Hanuman's face. Each face is associated to Lord Vishnu. Lord Narsimha and Varaha are Avatars of Lord Vishnu, Hayagriva is a form of Lord Vishnu, Garuda is the devout Vahana of Lord Vishnu. Lord Hanuman, Himself is an ardent devotee of Lord Shri Ram, who is an Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Lord Hanuman's devotion to Lord Ram is iconic. The Panchmukhi Hanuman in Emerald protects from all 5 directions.

The Panchmukhi Hanuman in Emerald is excellently crafted with each face clearly carved in detail. The attire, adornments, weapons of Lord Hanuman, Crowns on each head look attractive with Gold and Red colour, which stands out on the Emerald Green of the idol, making it look rich. The small size Panchmukhi Hanuman in Emerald can be worshipped in Puja Alter, kept on study/work table and can be set in Gold/Silver to make a Locket and worn.

Emerald Gemstone is well known as a stone which attracts money flow, increases profits, brings love, romance, fidelity, friendship, creativity, helps to clear speech and let go of grief/pain, bestows good health and loving relationships.

The admirable Panchmukhi Hanuman in Emerald is endowed with Lord Hanuman's attributes, blessings of the Lord Narsimha, Varaha, Hayagriva and Garuda and qualities of Emerald Gemstone. Worshipped or worn as Locket, the Panchmukhi Hanuman in Emerald protects from evil, harm, danger, enemies, Ghosts, Goblins, Black Magic, evil spirits and other lower energies. It blesses with prosperity, money, courage, strength, spiritual knowledge, devotion, fearlessness, stability, activates love, heals the heart, good health, heals diseases and ailments, clear speech and fulfils wishes by the grace of Lord Hanuman.

Height : 3.0 Inches
Base Dimension:  2.4 (L) x 0.6 (B) Inches 
Weight:  495.25 carat