Pearl Bracelet with silver balls


INR 1,175

INR 1,500


A charming Bracelet strung with superior quality round, fresh water cultured Pearls and Silver Balls between the beads, is apt for wearing on an everyday basis with traditional and casual attire. It is an excellent accessory and has several benefits when worn. Pearl is known as 'Queen Gem', endowed with many healing properties, it symbolizes purity, innocence and modesty. It has been known since ancient times for its qualities of balancing the mind and soothing emotions and is worn to usher peace, tranquillity, love, prosperity, good luck, prosperity, comforts, luxuries, increases physical beauty and lends the power of attraction to the wearer. It boosts memory power, helps to maintain a harmonious relationship between couples and improves relationship with mother. The attractive Pearl Bracelet with Silver Balls can be worn for enhancing fertility and for supporting easy child birth. It possesses therapeutic properties which help to purify blood, Kidneys, aids in healing Heart ailments.

As per Vedic Astrology Pearl Gemstone is associated to Planet Chandra or Moon, which governs the mental and emotional aspects of an individual. Silver metal is also connected with planet Moon/Chandra and brings its positive effects to the wearer. The Pearl Bracelet with Silver Balls can be worn for getting relief from the negative influences of unfavourably placed planet Moon in the Birth chart of a native. It strengthens the positive qualities of planet Moon, enhances creativity, intuitive powers, psychic abilities, imagination, self esteem, helps to adjust and adapt. Wearing the Pearl Bracelet with Silver Balls alleviates fears, depression, anger, negative thinking, restlessness, insecurities, irrational behaviour. The soft energies of the Bracelet supports during meditation.

Pearl Gemstone acts on the Swadhisthana Chakra or Sacral Chakra, cleanses and balances the Chakra, and allows easy flow of energy.

Wear the nurturing Pearl Bracelet with Silver Balls and gift them to loved ones.