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Pearl Bracelets

What is the price range of Pearl Bracelets?

Pearl Bracelet prices differ as per the gold or silver accessories that are added to accentuate the beautiful jewel. If combined with Rudraksha beads, the price of a Pearl Bracelet increases. Various combinations have different prices according to the number of beads and their size.

Where to buy natural Pearl Bracelet?

Pearl Bracelets are to be bought from a genuine seller to get high quality and lustrous Pearls. The more natural the beads, the more effective they are. It is necessary to check if the seller has non-heated and untreated beads. Always ask for certificate of authenticity while buying the real Pearl Bracelets. This indicates that the supplier is real and does not sell fake gemstones.

How to clean a Pearl Bracelet?

Using a soft, dry cloth to wipe off the dust settled on Pearl Bracelet is suggested. If there are any stains on the Pearl beads then a soft cloth dipped in a solution of lukewarm water and a chemical free detergent can be used to wipe it. This helps to clean the bracelet thoroughly and restore its lustre. The delicate Pearl bracelet needs to be handled with care.

Pearl Bracelet Benefits

  • It enhances beauty of the wearer
  • It gives sharp memory power
  • It brings emotional stability
  • It attracts love and peace
  • It promotes unity and concord
  • It is beneficial to those who have a weak Moon/ Chandra in the horoscope
  • It gives the ability to make sensible and right decisions
  • It brings good luck and marital bliss

Why to wear a Pearl Bracelet?

Pearl signifies purity and is associated with planet Moon or Chandra as per Vedic astrology. Wearing a Pearl Bracelet brings calming energies and soothes the wearer. It helps to strengthen a weak Moon in one’s birth chart and avoid its ill-effects. Pearl Bracelets can be worn by individuals who lose their temper quickly as Pearl has the energy to pacify anger. It brings happiness to married couples and creates a strong bond. Apparently, it is said that Pearl enhances the beauty of soul and body of the wearer.

Which hand to wear Pearl Bracelet?

Bracelet made of Pearl beads can be worn in any hand but it is recommended to consult an expert before wearing. Consulting an astrologer will help avoid negative impact of the gemstone and derive its maximum benefits.

Pearl Bracelet Properties

When combined with different gemstones, Pearl can be used as a healing aid for various physical disorders. It has the power to bring fame and materialistic comforts to the wearer. Issues related to eyesight and throat can be cured to a certain extent by wearing a Pearl Bracelet. Those who feel distressed during sleep are also advised to wear Pearl. It eliminates depression and weak decision-making. It gives a radiant glow to the wearer and brings calmness.

How to authenticate original and fake Pearl Bracelets?

There are two ways to test the originality of a Pearl- 1) Tooth Test 2) Rub Test

Tooth Test- To check if a Pearl bead is real, rub the Pearl bead against the front portion of tooth (not the edge). If it feels a bit gritty and rough then it is a natural Pearl but if it’s smoother than usual then it can be a fake one.

Rub Test- Rub two beads of Pearl against each other. If there is a powdery substance falling down while rubbing the beads then the Pearl is real.

Pearl Bracelet Making Options (Silver, Gold, or any other metal)

We have a wide variety of Pearl Bracelets with different combinations. One may choose to add any kind of silver or gold accessories, spacers, etc. to enrich the look of the bracelet. We have adjustable Pearl Bracelets and we also offer customized gemstone jewellery as per the requirement of customers.

Why to wear Energized Pearl Bracelets?

Energized Pearl Bracelets show miraculous effects and give positive results in lesser time than non-energized ones. It increases the potential of the Pearl Bracelets and helps the wearer to take complete advantage of the jewel. We have properly energized Pearl Bracelets for sale that benefit the wearer and transform their life magically.

Does Rudra Centre provide Energized or charged Pearl Bracelet?

Our Rudra Centre Pundits energize the gemstone jewellery as per Vedic rituals and sacred mantras. This enhances the power of the Pearl Bracelets and helps gain desired outcome. Buying energized Pearl Bracelets from a reputed seller like Rudra Centre is always beneficial.

What are the Pearl Bracelet side effects? (If worn without consultation)

If a Pearl bead Bracelet does not suit a wearer then it may make him/ her short-tempered, angrier than before and impatient. The wearer may feel insecure and lose temper even in the smallest of issues. It is important to consult an astrologer or expert to prevent the negative effects of any gemstone.

Why buy Pearl Bracelet online from Rudra Centre?

We carry an elegant collection of the best Pearl Bracelets of superior quality. Made by the finest craftsmen, the bracelets are strong, stylish, powerful and durable. Place your order online at Rudra Centre or visit our offline store to get original and authentic spiritual products. Our collection has many different Pearl bracelet designs that are stunning and match the modern as well as traditional taste. Get Golden Pearl Bracelet, White Pearl Stretch Bracelet, custom-made Pearl bracelets for weddings, simple Pearl Bracelets and more from us. We also have a combination of Punchmukhi Rudraksha and Pearl beads strung in pure Gold chain to make a wonderful bracelet. You can get your bracelet customized depending on your purpose or problems. We provide expert assistance on call and live chat to help with queries and holistic healing.