Pearl mala - Oval beads


INR 2,925

INR 3,375


Origin: South Sea Japan

Made of glistening high quality hand selected oval and lustrous cultured pearls of best quality.

Made in thread with a sumeru bead and white tassel.
Pearl strengthens mental faculties, calms emotions and increases peace of mind. It also provides grace and beauty to the wearer.

  • Pearl pacifies passions and mental inconsistency and strengthens the heart.
  • It cures disease pertaining to indigestion, tiredness, and physical weakness.
  • Attracts wealth and money, and symbolizes prosperity and good luck.
  • It is often given as a present in order to wish good luck to a friend.
  • It brings a soft, healing energy during meditation.
  • The pearl is also said to improve self-esteem.
  • It is also recommended for Japa of Devi mantras.
  • It is best to chant mantras of planet moon.