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About Pearl Necklace Mala

How To Identify And Buy Original Pearl Necklace:

Pearl necklaces (Mala) are quite popular when it comes to beauty, grace and aesthetics. Since there are billions of cultured (non-natural) pearls sold every day in the world, it is important to identify the natural ones. Before you decide to buy, it makes sense to be completely aware of its originality, genuineness and properties.

Finding out the difference between the original and the cultured:


Natural Pearl

Cultured Peal


Naturally cold

No coolness sensed.

Luster and Surface

Ridges and irregularities on the surface (if observed closely). Slight friction experienced when two pearls are rubbed
No damage when scratched against hard glass. 

Perfectly smooth surface on each peal. No friction due to smooth surface


Two or more pearls may not share the exact same color. Subtle color visible when seen in light.

A necklace of cultured pearls has them all in one color.


Shape of every pearl differs naturally from each other’s

All the pearls in a necklace are perfectly shaped




Holes (polar sides)

Naturally small

Larger. If small, then coating around the hole is a shiny paint, artificially chipped and comes off later

Rubbing against teeth

Feels gritty or grainy

Feels smooth

The above methods of differentiating between the natural and the cultured pearls are not alone to arrive at a conclusion. It is better to buy pearls from an expert certifying their authenticity.

Pearl gemstones: Uses, qualities and benefits
Sea pearl jewelry like necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets etc. is very widespread. In the context of ancient scriptures such as Vedas and Jyotishastra (astrology), these gemstones are associated with the Moon planet ruled by Chandra god ruling over the Water element. Pearl gemstone is the epitome of Lord Shiva and His divine Shakti energy.

Used as an amulet: Pearl gemstone can be used as amulets for peace of mind and harmony with self and others. Pearls are excellent in applications in which something creative needs to be generated from something old. Best for the creative minds such as artists, painters, and others engaged in the works that demand the constant application of innovative ideas.

Used as a meditation tool: Pearls enhance the spiritual insight into the Divine. One can calm down or mitigate anger, mood swings and stress. It connect the soul with the higher self.

Benefits of Pearl gemstone:

  • Heals diseases such as blood Pressure and bladder disease.
  • Calms down the fickle mind
  • Strengthens mental stability and emotions.
  • Give clarity of thoughts.
  • Heals Swadhisthana Chakra (Sacral Chakra) located at the tailbone slightly above Muladhara Chakra between the naval and the base of spinal cord. An energized Sacral Chakra gives emotional balance, unity and harmony in relationships.