Pink Purple Peacock Design Puja Dhoti & Shawl Set


INR 1,825


Dhoti in orangish-yellow shade made of pure cotton with dual maroon and green colour borders is made by the artisans from interiors of Salem, Tamil Nadu. The borders have lotus designs beautifully hand woven in golden silk thread. This Dhoti with soft texture and traditional design makes a graceful comfortable wear for pujas and festive occasions.

Dhoti also known as vesti is an Indian traditional wear worn by men by wrapping it around waist during festivals, puja or religious ceremonies. Cottons are soft fabrics which naturally allow the skin to breathe and are suitable and comfortable to wear during all seasons. It helps absorb the positive energies in the surrounding, and also creates a sheath which protects you from negative energies that cause distress or distraction of mind.

Dimension: 9 metres (L) x 5 metres (W)