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Kurta Pyjamas for wedding and other occasions are one the best Indian traditional outfits. Today you can get a wide collection of these clothes in different designs, patterns, colours and sizes. The best part is that a Kurta can be worn with pyjamas, cotton trousers, dhotis or jeans. Designer kurtas are best for they are customized according to your taste and preference. Kurta comes from the Persian language which means a shirt without the collar. It has become a designer favourite when it comes to experimenting new traditional designs. They have experimented and played around with the original design, tweaking it here and there, adding some embellishments, keeping the tradition intact, but made it more modern or new age! Fabrics, colors and cuts experimented with, by adding interesting dashes of intrigue. Some kurtis have been sported with unique styles such as the bandh gala, giving it a formal look.

Quality Kurta by Rudra Centre:

We at Rudra Centre offer kurtas of different sizes. A plain white Kurta is an ideal piece of clothing for various occasions, ritual ceremonies and other traditional festivals such as Gudi Padwa, Diwali, Bhau Beej, Dusshera and the like. White colour stands for purity, goodness and divinity. In Chakra science, the highest Chakra (Sahasrara Chakra/Crown Chakra) is made of pure bliss white colour. We offer kurtas with pyjamas in different designs and sizes. One can wear this kurta both as casual every day wear and as formal dress.

Colour Associated Deity
Red Lord Ganesh, Hanuman,
Orange Mahamrutunjaysiva (shiva), Sri krisha, Ardhanareeshwar
Yellow Lakshmi, Agni, Sun
Green Narayan (Vishnu)
Blue Brahma, Rudra

These colours activate the cosmic element related to a particular deity. For instance, if you wear a silk dhoti of yellow, the Lakshmi elements get super-charged and the atmosphere becomes more auspicious for Goddess Lakshmi represents absolute auspiciousness and divinity. If you have Mahamrutunjaya japas, better you wear an orange silk dhoti.