Pure Silver Glass - Design II


INR 10,980


A pure Silver Glass, designed simple and made neatly can be used for offering Water, or Water mixed with Milk, collecting liquid after performing Abhishekham of Shivling or Shaligram or for keeping other liquids offered during Puja rituals. Using Silver Glass for offering Water etc. to Deities has been prevalent for centuries. Especially in festivals like Diwali, Navaratri, Ganesh Chaturthi etc., offering water in Silver Glass to Deities is common as it marks a special occasion, celebration. The Silver Glass can also be used for drinking water or Milk as it has many health benefits and Astrological benefits.

As per Vedic Astrology, Silver metal is associated with planet Moon, who controls mind and emotions. Drinking water from Silver glass helps to get the positive influences of planet Moon and is said to strengthen its power. Planet Moon calms down mind and balances emotions.

Therapeutically, drinking water from Silver glass boosts the immune system, which protects from diseases and infections. Keeping water in a Silver glass, whole night and drinking it the next day is said to have positive effects on health. Silver metal reacts with water and infuses it with its beneficial qualities, which brings favourable outcome for the individual drinking the water. Drinking water from Silver glass is said to be good for pregnant women. There are some interesting beliefs of drinking water from Silver glass, like, it is said to aid in losing weight and works as an anti-aging agent.

Pure Silver Glasses are excellent as gifts in happy and auspicious occasions, and widely given as gifts to new born child, in weddings, Silver anniversary etc.

Buy high quality pure Silver Glass for your Puja purposes and for yourself and loved ones.

Height: 3.5 inches
Top diameter: 3 inches
Weight: Approx. 61 gms