Purple Agate Bangle - IV


INR 1,765


Origin: India

A glossy and smooth Bangle crafted from natural Purple Agate gemstone, streaked on the edges with Purple and White veins which is a characteristic of the gemstone. The Purple Agate Bangle is suitable to wear with western and Indian outfits.

The Purple Agate balances and stabilizes energies, it is known as a highly protective gemstone and some even believe it can protect from evil eye. It cleanses the aura, reduces anxiety, fears, enhances wisdom, intelligence, self confidence, communication skills and it's a stone of spiritual transformation and growth.

The Purple Agate Bangle can be worn on a daily basis and this bangle serves as an excellent gift idea for friends and family.

Wearing guidelines: Wear on left hand.

Inner Diameter: 63 mm
Weight: 38 gms