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Loaded with slushy white exquisiteness, bracelets and earrings studded with Opal gemstones come in many colors. Opals are known for its brilliant glint just like White Sapphire. Apart from aesthetic values, the gemstone is noteworthy in the astrological context; opal is a gemstone of Planet Venus which enhances charisma and attractiveness of the wearer. Moreover, Opal attracts financial furtherance, prosperity and good fortune. Those who are in the occupations like travel, tourism and imports & exports, may wear the articles of Opal gemstones. We offer Opal gemstones bracelets and earrings in various colors, multicolor fashion and in combination with Rudraksha beads.

Bracelets and earrings of elegant Agate gemstones offer warmness, draws good fortune as Agate gemstone is known to defend the wearer against negative energies and helps them get over fears and increase strength. One can gift these beautiful bracelets/earrings to their loved one as the gemstone serves as a best gift for the couple having been married for long. Rudra Centre offers bracelets and earrings of Agate gemstones in various colors and designs such as bracelets with the combination of black and white Agate gems, with all-black Agate gemstones, with green and brown gemstones, all-red gemstones and so on.