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Radha Krishna on Swing


INR 3,350


Radha Krishna love for each other is pure and transcendental. It is said Krishna, the most loving god of Indian pantheon took immense delight in loving relationships for which he expanded himself into his feminine entity Radha.

Without Radha there is no meaning to Krishna, and without Krishna, there is no meaning to Radha." Therefore Radha is not different from Krishna but two entities with a single soul. She was the shakti (energy) and like Krishna was the source of supreme godliness.

Enchanting Couple Radha and Krishna couple enjoying on a swing under a tree in there birth place Vrindavan. Their love spreads vibrations of bliss, joy and harmony in your dwelling.

In this Idol, They are carved in heavy shinning Brass.

Height: 6.5 Inch
Dimension: 4.25" (L) X 3 (W)
Weight: 1250 gms