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Radharamanji Shaligram Murti - II


INR 28,650


The Divinely beautiful Radharamanji Shaligram Murti is carved with skilled precision from natural Shaligram stone, with finer details of face, expression, clothing and adornment clearly and completed with a Golden metal flute. The idol made of Shaligram stone when installed brings auspiciousness, positivity, material fulfilment, protection and many more benefits. The Shaligram is a sacred stone as Lord Vishnu resides in it and is found in its natural form only on the banks of Kali Gandaki River in Nepal.

The Sri Radha Raman Mandir in Vrindavan houses a Shaligram Murti of Shri Radharamanji and so is this idol. The Murti is aptly made from Shaligram, as the idol is of Lord Krishna who is the 8th Avatar of Lord Vishnu. The idol depicts Lord Krishna standing on a Lotus in His patent Natvarasana posture, with a calm and pleasant expression, playing the flute. The idol can be kept in the Puja Alter at home or in the living room, office or business place.The Shaligram has been worshipped since ancient times by the Vaishnava sect and other devotees of Lord Vishnu. The Radharamanji Shaligram Murti bestows the six virtues of creation of wealth, material and worldly pleasures, good health, spiritual development, protection and righteous living. Worshiping the idol with pure intention grants all round happiness, well-being, removes Vastu Doshas and fulfils the wishes of the devotee.

Worshipping the Murti by conduction Abhishekham with Tulsi water and Panchamrit, brings blessings of Lord Radharamanji and Lord Vishnu. The Radharamanji Shaligram Murti radiates positive and beneficial energies and is a desirable idol.

Height: 7 inches
Base Dimension: 1.2 (L) x 1.0 (W) inches
Weight: 516 gms