Raksha Sutra - Holy Mauli


INR 195

INR 475


Seven natural colours which are strong and lasting in natural cotton thread.

  • For offering to Deity during puja.
  • It is tied on hand after the sankalpa mantra - indicating a devotee's resolution to worship/ do puja etc. Hence the moli is a gross reminder and symbol of this conviction. As the string is tied around the hand, you pray that your life will similarly revolve around God.
  • You invoke God and ask for His/Her blessings that only good deeds may be done with your hand.
  • The string represents the bond between Atma (soul) and Paramatma (God). You tie / bind yourself into the service of God. It represents our servitude to God.
  • It is a Raksha-sutra (like a raakhi) and hence protects its wearer from evil sprits or habits.