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Riddhi Siddhi Ganesh in Brass


INR 9,530


This Brass idol of Lord Ganesha with Riddhi and Siddhi in indeed a rare decor piece.

One mythical belief identifies Lord Ganesha as an unmarried brahmacārin with no consorts. Another mainstream pattern associates him with the concepts of Siddhi (spiritual power), and Riddhi (prosperity), qualities which are sometimes personified as goddesses who are considered to be Lord Ganesha's wives.

In this gorgeous idol, Lord Ganesha is seen riding an Elephant with Riddhi and Siddhi sitting behind Him. The Lord is seen with His right palm in the Gyan mudra and in His left palm He is holding sweet savouries. The Right hand of Riddhi is placed on Lord Ganesha's shoulder. Siddhi's right hand is on Riddhi's shoulder. Both Riddhi and Siddhi are seen holding the auspicious Lotus flower in their left hands respectively. Their heads and glance are turned towards the left side.

The intricate decoration on the Elephant is traditional and grand. The seat cloth is defined and carved to look fitting for the Lord and His two consorts to sit on. Lord Ganesha's vehicle and attendant the Mouse is seen climbing the trunk of the Elephant. All in all it is a most desirable idol in depiction and craftsmanship.

This Brass idol of Lord Ganesha with Riddhi and Siddhi is sure to enhance the decor of the drawing/Living room or office space. You can place it near the entrance door to bring in the blessings of wisdom, prosperity, spiritual power, good luck and positive energies into your space. It can be a memorable gift for the loved ones.

Height: 7.7 inches
Dimension: 8.5 (L) x 2.4 (W) inches
Weight: 3.080 kgs