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About Agarbatti

Buy Incense sticks online: Agar Batti and Aromatic Flavours:

A Hindu ritual (puja) without incense sticks (Agarbatti) is like an oil lamp without the wick. Incense sticks enhance the pure atmosphere, making it conducive to performing pujas. Even in meditation, an incense stick plays an essential role in purifying the atmosphere. When the place wherein an agar batti burns becomes calm, one feels relaxed and experiences a pleasing atmosphere.

When it comes to meditation, a purified, calm place is must. An incense stick plays the most important role in raising the atmosphere. As it is known that meditation is an ancient way of charging your internal energy in a way that all of your emotions with a pacified mind stay balanced, aromatic agarbattis by Rudra Centre creates a healthy, aromatic and peaceful environment at your place. These sticks promise to rinse your mind, body, heart and soul with a serene sense of relaxation.

In the Atharva Veda and the Rigveda, it is mentioned that the Incense-burning in use to create pleasing aromas conducive to a healthy atmosphere and was used a medicinal tool as well.

Benefits of Agar Battis:

  • Incense sticks are used in puja rituals, helping you transcend all of your mental bloks into spirituality.
  • They emit an intoxicating fragrance. Delights your senses and evoke the feeling of happiness.
  • Those made using rare herbs, flowers, resins and essential oils, evoke a feeling of calmness and divinity.
  • Used in homes and temples, they life your mood. They provide a sense of calmness in your Bhakti (devotions to the divine), meditation and other spiritual practices.Stomach upset

They create a peaceful aura which is helpful in boosting one’s confidence, meditation and other self-improvement ideas. We at Rudra Centre offer quality aromatic and fragrant Agar battis that create soothing effect on the mind and body.