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Rudraksha Meditation dress


INR 9,900

INR 35,000


This beautiful Rudraksha dress is developed using references from Shiv Purana which state about wearing different number of Rudraksha on different parts of the body to attain Rudrahood.

A complete dress for wearing during Meditation made with 5 mukhi Rudraksha beads of size 9mm .

  • 3 strands of 120 Rudraksha each, to be worn across the chest as Yagyopaveet.
  • One strand of 108 Rudraksha for chest
  • 11 Rudraksha each on both wrists and arms
  • 6 beads on each ear
  • 5 Rudraksha on Naval
  • 32 Rudraksha on Throat
  • 550 Rudraksha beads on Head

  • Bead Size: 9mm
    Number of Rudraksha beads: 1111