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About Meditation Dress and Stick

What is a meditation stick and dress?

A meditation stick is a great tool that has been used since ancient times by Yogis and Sadhus. According to the ancient belief when one is chanting mantras over the Rudraksha mala, the hand is rested over the meditation stick as the mala should not hang below the naval as it symbolizes the cosmic pillar. The meditation dress on the other hand has positive energies and safeguards from negative energies as this divine meditation dress is made from Rudrakshas.

What is a meditation stick & dress made of?

The Meditation stick is made in solid wood and available in various attractive designs while the meditation dress is made of Rudrakshas of different mukhis. The meditation dress gives healing energies to the wearer.

What are the uses of meditation sticks and dresses?

The meditation stick and meditation dress give a range of benefits as described below are a few of the many benefits these products offer

  • Offers support to the hand while holding a Rudraksha bead mala for chanting
  • Can be used to balance the energies of the aura
  • Can be used to enhance focus
  • The meditation dress can be used as a talisman to nullify the negative energies and to attract positive energies

Is it safe to buy meditation sticks & dresses online?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to buy the meditation sticks and meditation dress online provided the dealer you buy from is authentic and offers genuine products. We at Rudra Centre offer an exclusive range of meditation sticks and meditation dresses that are crafted to perfection and which are knitted with finesse. We are one of the most trusted names in the e-commerce space. Quality is something we never compromise on and we make sure that all our products are energized before being dispatched.

Where can I buy a good quality meditation stick and dress?

You can buy good quality meditation sticks and dress online at the best price from Rudra Centre. We are one of the reputed names on the e-commerce platforms known for offering spiritual quality products and services online at the best prices.

Why do we recommend you to buy a meditation stick and dress from Rudra Centre?

We at Rudra Centre are one of the renowned e-commerce companies to have established trust and earned accolades from our clients globally for our products and services. We are the first ISO certified e-commerce company to have formed a website for Sacred Rudrakshas and Vedic Gemstones. We deal in a plethora of spiritual and religious products and services which also include the best chakra collection of meditation sticks and Rudraksha dresses. We are one of the pioneers who deal in supplying authentic, natural and genuine Rudrakshas, Gemstones, meditation attire, meditation sticks, incense scents, Vastu products, Puja articles, Puja samagri, Holy books. Aarti CDs and much more across the globe. We have more than 22,000 happy clients and our family of clients is growing every day. Offering genuine and quality products and apt customer service is what helps maintain as a market leader.

Understanding the importance of puja articles, we make sure that all the puja articles including all the varieties of meditation sticks and the meditation attire that we offer are blessed by our in-house karamkandi pundits from Varanasi and Banaras. Our displayed range of divine and innovative meditation sticks online and meditation dress online is specially designed to balance and heal the chakras while emitting soothing and healing energies. You can browse through our versatile range of meditation attires which are displayed on our website and buy the one that you like the most.

Can these meditation sticks and dresses be presented as a gift?

Yes, the meditation stick and dress can be presented as a gift to your loved ones, your spiritual acquaintances or a Yoga Guru. The meditation stick and the meditation dress form one of the most meaningful and divine gifts you can present to someone.

What are the key features of these meditation sticks & dresses?

The key features of the meditation stick and meditation dress are as follows

  • Offers support to the hand while chanting mantras over a Rudraksha rosary
  • Can be used as a massage tool to massage the areas in the back and the pressure points where the shoulder joins the neck.
  • Helps in Pranayam. The meditation stick when placed in the armpit causes the breath to flow from the opposite nostril in a calm and focussed manner.
  • Offers aid in while performing Yoga
  • Denotes cosmic pillar
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry
  • As an ancient belief, during mantra chanting the Rudraksha mala should not hang below the navel,
  • The meditation dress is made by stringing together Rudraksha beads, this dress set helps one to focus and have a calm mind.
  • The meditation dress also offers protection from negative energies, ghostly encounters and evil eyes while meditating
  • The divine Rudraksha dress also helps in offering a mental, physical and emotional balance
  • Boost’s determination offers courage
  • Elevates one spiritually