Rudraksha Powder


INR 675

INR 1,100


Manufactured from fresh and high quality Rudraksha beads. The powder is duly sieved and is free from large particles.

Genesis of beads- Elaeocarpus ganitrus 'Roxb' or Nepal variety Rudraksha

  • This maybe used as a raw material to make any Ayurvedic preparation as per prevailing regulations of FDA. As per Ayurvedic literature, Rudraksha helps alleviate many diseases.
  • This may be used as raw material to prepare different types of cosmetics (face mask, scrub or massage oils).
  • Maybe used as an external application on the body to get relaxation and rejuvenation of body chakras. Mix an amount of water with rose water or fresh water and apply on body. Wash off after some time. Gives health and glow to body.

  • Quantity: 100 gms

    If you want us to prepare fresh powder for consumption to be used for treatment of a serious illness, please write to us at