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Saffron - Kesar Attar


INR 950

INR 8,500

INR 21,250


Reddish & characteristic and intense fragrance.

It is a rare & precious attar and thereby costly. This spicy, mysterious blend inspires warm thoughts toward oneself and others. Saffron Attar is also one of Goddess Laxmi's favorite colors pure gold.

The plant is thought to have originated in Asia Minor, and was introduced into Spain by the Arabs before spreading to France and the western Mediterranean during the Crusades. Saffron was known as a medicinal plant in ancient Egypt and mentioned by Hippocrates, Theophrastus, and Galen. It was because of these magical uses it was made into attar.

  • Helpful for meditation.
  • Saffron is said to bring blessings and wealth.
  • Roll on the fragrant Attar or use the application stick to take a small drop on finger tip & apply behind ears and on wrist, for best result.