Sandalwood Attar


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Sandalwood Attar is one of the most famous and widely used Attars. Thenatural, calming, sweet and exotic fragrance that comes with a striking wood base note works on the Muladhara Chakra or Root Chakra which supports in grounding and centring oneself. It is endowed with therapeutic qualities. The aroma of Sandalwood Attar makes it one of the favourite Attars used for Aromatherapy and is also used in perfumery, making incense sticks. The natural Sandalwood Attar is used for offering in Puja rituals for appeasing Gods and Goddesses. When applied as a perfume, only a small drop of it keeps the wearer surrounded with its fragrance through the day.

Attar or Ittar, is concentrated perfume made from natural oils, extracted from herbs, plants, flowers, bark of tress and spices. They have been used since ages across the globe. As it is in concentrated form, applying or using only a droplet of it is enough to enjoy its long lasting aroma.

Sandalwood Attar has many therapeutic merits, has a soothing effect, helps to get relief from headaches, migraine, body aches, stress, enhances mood etc. It is used as an antiseptic and astringent.

Buy the natural Sandalwood Attar for yourself and your loved ones.

How to use Attar
  • Sandalwood Attar can be applied on body or clothes as perfume. The ideal way to apply it is to dab just a bit of it on the inner side of your wrists and before it dries, apply a bit behind earlobes with the inside of wrists.
  • The connection of the Sandalwood Attar to the Muladhar(Root) Chakra can be used to feel grounded and centred.
  • Sandalwood Attar is widely used for Aromatherapy. Add a few droplets of the Attar to water and use in Diffuser to fill the space with its healing aroma and elevate your mood.
  • Add drops of it to unscented massage cream, oils, lotions for relaxing the body and body pain. You can add a drop to your bathing water for de-stressing and for its refreshing nature.
  • Use the advantages of Sandalwood Attar during meditation to calm down the mind. Wearing Attar is said to aid in hearing messages from Angels and Guides.
  • Roll on the fragrant Attar or use the application stick to take a small drop on finger tip & apply behind ears and on wrist, for best result.