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Seep Laxmi Kurma


INR 1,190

INR 1,010


Shell top Kurma (tortoise) in brass with openable top holding chirmi beads and seven mukhi. This artefact will attract wealth when kept on office table, puja altar or near door entrance.

Kurma Idol is considered auspicious as it is second Avatar of Lord Vishnu and also it is honoured by Planet Saturn. So traders and businessmen keep this idol in their workplace for good luck.

Chirmi beads are naturaly grown beads are found in forest of Aravali Mountains, India and are believed to be many hundred years old. They bring luck and ward off evil and Black Magic, & protect the wearer from physical harm by taking the abuse upon themselves. Since the Goddess of wealth, MahaLaxmi, stay near to these beads they are kept in Lockers, money safe, cash box, altar, handbag, purse. You may keep the top open/close.

Seven mukhi Rudraksha represents the Goddess of wealth, Mahalaxmi and planet Venus . Wearer is blessed with love, good health, wealth and new opportunities. This is recommended for those who are suffering from miseries related to finance, love and luck. By wearing Seven Faced Rudraksha the person progresses steadily in life with name and fame and abundance.

Warning:- Not to be consumed or worn on body directly. They are toxic by nature. Keep away from children.