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About Kurma (Tortoise) Idols

In Hinduism, Kurma was the second Avatar of Vishnu, succeeding Matsya and going before Varaha. Like Matsya this incarnation additionally happened in Satya yuga. The sanctuaries committed to Kurma are situated in Kurmai, of Chittoor area of Andhra Pradesh and Srikurmam, Andhra Pradesh.During the colossal heavenly occasion of Samudra Manthan, Mount Mandara was utilized as the turn for stirring the oceans. But when it started to sink, Vishnu showed up as a monster tortoise that held the mountain up on his back.

We at Rudra Centre offer you wide range of kurma idols in different designs and layouts. These kurma idols are believed to bring in a lot of luck and positive vibes to the house. You can place it a corner that does not face the main entrance. It can make significant changes to the financial position of our household. You can also keep it in the office and see the difference it can make.