Shaligram bracelet in pure silver


INR 24,075


A unique and wonderful bracelet of the holy Shaligram deftly designed and made in pure Silver. The bracelet has separate Sudarshan Shaligram, each of which are encased securely in Silver with the four-pronged setting. It is a wonder that the Sudarshan Shaligram has a natural formation of Lord Vishnu's famous Sudarshan Chakra(the Divine Discus). Care in designing has been taken to ensure that each Shaligram touches the skin which lets the energies of the Divine Sudarshan Shaligram work to positively affect the individual on a cellular level, filling the good energies which then vibrates on mental, emotional and physical level.

The Shaligram is a sacred stone, formed naturally in the Gandaki Kali River in Nepal and are fossil stones which are worshipped by the Hindus. The Shaligram is said to be a representation of the Divine Lord Vishnu, the preserver. The Vaishnavas consider the Shaligram as the "dwelling place of Lord Vishnu" and where Lord Vishu resides, Goddess Laxmi's presence is definitely there. The Shaligram is worshipped for six values of life :- righteous living, wealth, protection, good health, pleasures and spiritual growth. This sacred stone originates in the Gandaki Kali River in Nepal.

The Shaligram Bracelet in Silver has a strong clasp to ensure that the bracelet is safely so that it an be worn easily every day.

Blessed with the powerful vibration and energies of Lord Vishnu the Shaligram bracelet in Silver brings positive life changes, brings good health, prosperity, abundance and protection.

No. of Shaligram: 7
Diameter of each Shaligram: approx. 1 inch
Width of each Shaligram: approx. 0.7 inch
Length of bracelet: approx. 7 inches
Weight of silver: approx.35 grams