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About Shaligram Rings, Malas, Bracelets

Significance and Uses of Shaligram Rings, Mala and Bracelets

The Shaligram is considered Lord Vishnu and a sacred stone which is worshipped by devotees especially, of the Vaishnav sect. Lord Vishnu is part of the Divine Trinity and is the preserver and protector of the Universe. Shaligram stone is found naturally in the banks and beds of the Kali Gandaki River, Nepal. The stone comes with distinct markings of the Sudarshan Chakra (Discus) of Lord Vishnu and may bear other markings associated with Lord Vishnu, like, Lotus, Shankh (Conch Shell) etc. The sacred Shaligram stone is predominantly Black in colour though there are other colours like Brownish Red and others, but the Black Shaligram is accepted and worshipped widely as Lord Vishnu. The Shaligram stones are given different names of Lord Vishnu, as per the Chakra marking on the stones.

Shaligram Mala, Rings and Shaligram Bracelets are made in pure Silver and other metals and worn by devotees for the many benefits that the powerful stone brings. When worn as Shaligram Ring or Salagrama Mala or Bracelet, the blessed stone touches the skin of the wearer and the healing energies of Shaligram work to heal on a cellular level. The original Shaligram Malas, Rings and Bracelets heal on a mental, physical, emotional, material, spiritual levels and forms a protective shield around the wearer. The blessings of Lord Vishnu flows to the wearer and blesses each and every aspect of his/her life.

Types of Shaligram Rings, Mala and Bracelets

Rudra Centre offers Shaligram Rings, Malas and Bracelets made with authentic, natural Shaligram stone in pure Silver, deftly designed to ensure that the Shaligram Shala in the jewellery touches the skin of the wearer. Our years of experience and research has resulted in this valuable collection of Shaligram jewellery which has proved beneficial for clients who have chosen to wear them. They can be worn by both male and female devotees regularly looks trendy with the sharp contrast of the lustrous Black Shaligram Shila and the shine of Silver capping. We offer various types of Shaligram Rings, Mala and Bracelets for our esteemed clients to choose from, which are:

Shaligram Rings - Crafted in pure Silver each Ring has a small Shaligram stone with an open bottom that allows the stone to touch the skin. The Shaligram Rings are designed sleekly for males and females, separately, in suitable designs. They are made for comfortable regular wearing and also are great as a gift for the loved ones.

Shaligram Mala - Available in two different designs, these Malas are irresistible for devotees of Lord Vishnu or Shri Krishna.

(i) Shaligram with Sudarshan Locket (Caps Design) - The Mala is strung with genuine, natural round Shaligram stones wired and flower caps in pure Silver and has a Sudarshan Shaligram stone, safely framed in pure Silver, hangs from the Mala. The bottom side of the Locket is left open, so that the Shaligram touches the skin and the prominent Sudarshan Chakra marking is seen on top of the Locket, lends an elegant look to the Mala.

(ii) Shaligram with Sudarshan Locket (Wire Design) - Made with natural round Shaligram stone beads, each stone is carefully held by the Silver wires strung together firmly and effectively keeps the Shaligram stone beads in touch with the body of the wearer. The Locket has a Silver framed Sudarshan Shaligram with open top and bottom. The open top displays the lovely Sudarshan Chakra marking of the Shaligram and the bottom helps to keep the sacred stone in contact with the skin. The round Shaligram stone beads too touch the skin of the wearer and bring the deep healing benefits of the Shaligram.

Shaligram Locket in pure Silver - Natural Shaligram stone of appropriate size is perfectly encased in a pure Silver frame with a simple and neat design. The Sudarshan Chakra marking on the Shaligram is beautifully displayed on the top of the Locket and the reverse side is left open to let the stone touch the skin of the wearer to gain the maximum benefits. It can be worn in White Cotton thread or Silver chain. It is designed to be worn on daily basis and is a must for all devotees.

Shaligram Bracelets - Shaligram stone Bracelets look wonderful with small size Shaligram stones securely framed in pure Silver in four-pronged setting. Each of the Shaligrams are strung together sturdily with round links and has a secure clasp to wear it safely. The Sudarshan Chakra marking of each Shaligram stone faces the top, adding to the beauty of the Shaligram Bracelet and are apt for wearing daily. For the rewarding benefits of wearing Shaligram stone, the natural Shaligram Bracelets are desirable for devotees. You can buy Shaligram Bracelet online with us.

How are Shaligram Rings, Malas and Bracelets Made?

Rudra Centre has Shaligram Rings, Malas and Bracelets are made of natural Shaligram stone, made in pure Silver, to provide maximum benefits. The Shaligram stones have prominent Sudarshan Chakra marking which are skilfully designed facing upwards in the Salagrama Mala, Rings and Shaligram Bracelets, with smooth finish. Taking care that the Shaligram stones are secure, the Shaligram Malas are made of small round Shaligram stone beads which are held with Silver wires or with Silver capping and strung with each other with sturdy round hooks. The Lockets in these Malas are encased in Silver frames leaving the bottom open to ensure that the sacred Shaligram stone touches the skin of the wearer.

Similarly, the Shaligram Rings are trendily designed to hold the Shaligram stone securely. The bottom of the Rings is left open and have a thin but sturdy Silver supporting strips from two sides, holding the stone in place and yet ensuring that the stone comes in contact with the skin of the devotee wearing it. The Rings are designed attractively for men and women separately.

The Shaligram stone Bracelets are made of small Sudarshan Shaligram stones, framed in pure Silver. Knowing that the Shaligram stones are valuable and sacred, our designers and craftsmen have worked together ensure that each Shaligram stone is linked with firm round Silver hooks to the Shaligrams on both sides. Like the other Shaligram jewelleries, the Shaligram stones touch the skin of the wearer in the Shaligram Bracelets.

Be it the Shaligram Ring, Mala or Bracelet, they look elegant and are sure to win appreciation and provide its benefits.

Benefits of Shaligram Rings, Mala and Bracelets

Endowed with the Divine energies of Lord Vishnu, the auspicious Shaligram Rings, Malas and Bracelets brings numerous benefits, some of which are:

  • Wearing the Salagrama Mala, Rings or Bracelets shields the wearer from negative energies, enemies, dangers, harm, evil Eye, Black Magic, etc.
  • They fill up the wearer with positive energies by effectively removing negative ones and keeps the devotee in high vibration.
  • Wearing the Shaligram stone Bracelet, Rings and Malas on regular basis and chanting Mantras of Lord Vishnu/Krishna absolves sins of the wearer and liberates the soul and provides a place at the Lotus feet of Lord Shri Hari (Vishnu).
  • They aid in walking in the path of Dharma, elevates spiritually, bestows patience, tolerance, brings harmony in relationships.
  • The Shaligram Malas, Rings, Bracelets attract prosperity, wealth, worldly pleasures, material contentment, good health and happiness.
  • Wearing the Shaligram jewellery is said to cleanse the Chakras (energy centres) of wearer, which ensures easy flow of energy. It charges the Chakras positively and balances them.
  • Wearing the Salagrama Mala, Shaligram Rings, Shaligram Bracelets are bringing auspiciousness, abundance and immense blessings of Lord Vishnu.

Buy Online Shaligram Rings, Mala and Bracelets at Best Prices from Rudra Centre

Rudra Centre offers a lovely collection of Shaligram Rings, Malas and Bracelets, made from natural, authentic Shaligram stone in pure Silver. Knowing the taste of our esteemed client’s world over and ensuring that the auspicious Shaligram jewellery is comfortable to wear, the Shaligram stone Bracelets are carefully designed to provide maximum benefits. Each Shaligram stone is checked for perfection and only then it is made into Shaligram Rings, Malas, Bracelets. We use only natural and genuine Shaligram stones for this collection of Shaligram jewellery.

The collection of Shaligram jewellery we offer is irresistible and valuable for devotees of Lord Vishnu/Krishna and are made to heal in all aspects of life. You can browse and choose as per your requirement from the different options of Shaligram stone Bracelets, Shaligram Malas and Shaligram Rings and place your order online with us. Once your order is placed, we deliver the exact product you have selected within a few days. Shaligram Bracelet price, Shaligram Mala price and Ring price with us is most economical in the market.