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Shaligram Mala with Sudarshan locket (Caps Design)


INR 98,000

INR 68,200


This powerful mala made of natural and round Shaligram Shilas (stones) creatively wired and capped in pure silver makes a divine possession. To possess a sacred mala made of round Shaligram silas (stones) from Gandaki River is a true Krishna devotee’s desire. A Sudrashan Sila held in silver frame adds to the grace and divinity of this mala. Shaligram is a powerful stone that represents Lord Vishnu, Who is unchanging, never-ending and constant. It provides all round protection and bestows peace, prosperity and harmony. The Sudarshan Shaligam pendant enhances the power of mala and bestows wisdom and strength while removing misfortune and negativity. Sturdily designed to make a comfortable wear, the mala with charming contrasting appeal of black colour and silver sheen can be worn regularly to imbibe its positive energies.