Shiv Panchayatan Abhishek Set


INR 18,750


This exceptional Shiv Panchayatan is a priceless possession that you can place in your puja altar. Its mere sight not only arouses spirituality but brings in peace and harmony in the family. The divine Panchayatan made of brass comprises of a Shivling, Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Lord Karthikeyan and Shiva's vahana Nandi bull. All the deities are seen paying their obeisance to the Shivling. A dark serpent with brown finish surrounds the Shivling. A copper Abhishek pot is placed on the top of this Panchayatan which is supported with snake-shaped beams. The whole artifact is placed on a deep plate that holds the liquid after the ceremonial bathing of the lingam.

Benefits of worshipping Shiva Panchayatan:
  • Regular worship brings in overall prosperity in a family
  • Keeps the family united with harmony, peace and contentment
  • Gives the blessings of all the deities

  • The Shiv Panchayatan has power to preserve the power of mantra chanting. This idol harmonizes the surroundings and removes negativity.

    Dimension of Plate:
    Top diameter: 10 inches
    Inner diameter: 7 inches
    Depth: 1.25 inches
    Weight: 285 gms

    Dimension of Pot:
    Height: 4.25 inches
    Top diameter: 3.25 inches
    Weight: 185 gms

    Dimension of Panchayatan Abhishek set:
    Height: 8.5 inches
    Length: 9 inches
    Weight: 3.010 Kgs

    Dimension of Deity Idols:
    Shivlingam: 2.8 (H) x 3 (L) inches
    Parvati: 2.6 (H) x 1.75 (L) inches
    Ganesh: 2.3 (H) x 1.8 (L) inches
    Kartikeya: 2.3 (H) x 1.8 (L) inches
    Nandi: 2.3 (H) x 1.8 (L) inches
    Height of Snake: 3.75 inches

    Total Height of Set: 12 inches
    Total Weight of Set: 3.480 Kgs