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Abhishek Vessels

What is an Abhishek Vessel?

Abhishek Vessel is a round pot of any metal like silver, brass or copper which holds the water/milk or other liquids that is poured over the deity idol. The process of Abhishek involves bathing the deity idols with auspicious liquids like water, honey, milk, curd, oil, etc. This bathing and use of these ingredients symbolizes purity and sacredness. Generally, in every Hindu puja, the Abhishek of the God or Goddess idol is performed. We also provide the entire set of Abhishek Vessels meant for an elaborate and systematic puja procedure. You can find a uniquely designed Mahadev Abhishekam Kit in our collection. It is perfect for Shiva devotees and can be gifted as well.

Where to buy Abhishek Vessels?

Unlike other products, buying Puja items needs special attention and research. In Hindu rituals, every item used in the Puja holds great significance. Keeping this in mind, Abhishek Vessels have to be made of pure metal since they are used to perform sacred baths to the deity idols. The quality of the Vessels has to be checked thoroughly. It is of utmost importance to check the reviews and ratings, credibility, market status and company level of the seller to be sure of their genuineness. Buy Abhishek Vessels of all types from a company like Rudra Centre to receive superior quality products and perform your Abhishekam successfully.

What is an Abhishek Vessel used for?

The Abhishek Vessel is used in Puja rituals at home and temple for performing Abhishek. The deity idol is placed right below the Abhishek vessel or in a plate and the water is poured upon the idol from the vessel. The water flows from the vessel or if you place a Jaldhara above, the water constantly drips on the idol. We have various Abhishek Vessels of fine quality in different sizes and designs for use in Puja and gifting to friends or dear ones on special occasions.

What are the different types of Abhishek Vessels?


It is a pot with a tiny opening at the bottom for water to drip on the God/Goddess idol placed beneath it. The Jaldhara has a handle on the top to hang it over the Shiva Lingam or other idols. We have Jaldhara made in pure copper in different designs to suit the taste and preferences of customers around the world.

Abhishek Pot with Stand and Plate

We have sets of Abhishek Pot with a tripod stand and a plate. The stand is kept on the plate and the pot is placed over the tripod stand while the God idol is placed below the pot. This setting ensures that the water or other liquid for Abhishekam is continuously flowing down and collected in the plate. This water can be later used as Tirtha to distribute among the people around. Get Abhishek sets made completely in Pure Silver, German Silver, Copper and Brass from us.

Abhishek Patra (Tray)

The Abhishek Patra or tray comes in handy to collect the water that flows during Abhishek. We have an amazing variety of tough Abhishek Trays online in different shapes and intricate designs. They are made of metals like Brass, Copper and Silver. We also have a Brass Abhishek Tray with Navgraha Idols for Navgraha Abhishek.


Kamandal is normally used for storing holy water during Puja rituals and it is believed that the liquid stored in Kamandalu is symbolic of Amrit. This increases the value and importance of Kamandalu in puja. We have simplistically designed Kamandal in pure heavy shining Brass.

Shiv Panchayatan Abhishek Set

This marvellous set features Shivalingam in the centre with Goddess Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Lord Kartikeya and Nandi idol surrounding it. They are depicted in the praying position with a serpent behind the Shivling. A copper pot/ Shiv Abhishek vessel is placed over these idols for Abhishekam. This beautiful piece is kept on a plate and apt for placing in the puja altar.

Why buy Abhishek Vessels from Rudra Centre?

Rudra Centre is a pioneer supplier of spiritual products for over two decades. We have a wonderful array of spiritual items that include Natural Gemstones, Rudraksha beads with the certificate of authenticity, idols of Gods and Goddesses in various metals and gemstones, Yantras, Yantra lockets, meditation accessories, fresh items for puja, Prayer books, Spiritual books, Gemstone Jewellery, etc. We offer worldwide delivery for the convenience of our customers and deliver the products safely and quickly to their doorstep. This range of Abhishek Vessels has high-quality products for long-lasting use in every type of puja. All the vessels, trays, pots and stands go through a quality assurance test and only then made available for sale.

Abhishek Vessels Price

The prices differ according to the Abhishek Vessel Set you buy and there are variants of the Abhishek vessels in different metals like Brass, Silver, etc. We have high-quality puja accessories that are durable and absolutely worth the price. Buy Abhishek items from our great range today and get delivered to your home.