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About Abhishek Vessels


Abhishek vessels are used for Abhishekam Puja of Shivling with or without yoni base and Navgraha idols. Rudra centre offers all different kinds of vessels like Brass Abhishek tray where one can keep shivling in tray and bath it with holy water, milk or honey as per rituals. Abhishek pot with stand and plate are used to keep shivling on plate below the pot. The pot contains offering items and it offers bath for long time. Mahadev Abhishekam kit contains black Narmada shivlingam with brass yoni base. Trishul signifies creation, maintenance and destruction. Brass Abhishek tray with Navgraha idols is one of the most unique tray, available only in Rudra centre. All idols are made in brass and tray is used to keep them for bath. Abhishek of 9 planets is best way to worship and revere all nine planets and remove malefic effects of planets. It bestows the devotee with good health, success, wealth and prosperity.