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Shiv Parivar in Gomed


INR 80,625


This beautiful Shiv Parivar idol is perfect example of creativity.  Lord Shiva is shown sitting on Kailash Parvat with complete family is carved in single Gomed stone. 

This magnificent Idol of Shiva Parivar consisting of Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha & Kartikeya is made in Natural Gomed.

Gomed is a gemstone of planet Rahu and enhances self-confidence and encourages one to fulfill their dreams. Hessonite gemstone is also useful to those who want to get success in law practice, court cases, government affairs or political spheres. Gomed pacifies Rahu malefics and destroys obstacles and enemies. 

Benefits of worshipping Shiv Parivar:
• Regular worship of the Shiva Parivar yields overall prosperity in a family.
• It keeps the family united.
• Gives the divine blessings of these 3 deities together.
• It is also an ideal gift for newlywed couples & for those moving in new houses.

Height: 2.4 inches
Base: 2.1"(L) x 1.3" (B) Inches
Weight: 215 gms / 1075 Carat