Shiva Parivar In Blue Sapphire


INR 1,13,050


The idol featuring Shiva Parivar carved on single piece of natural blue Sapphire gemstone is divine masterpiece like none other. Enhanced with embossed paintwork, the idol is truly a divinely awe-inspiring piece of art for your home. Shiva Parivar signifies the Sansarik form of Lord Shiva, as a perfect married man. He shows that one can lead a perfect materialistic life while keeping ego and pride at bay to understand the partner and members of family better and lead a joyous and harmonious life. Featuring Shiva Parivar carved on different dimensions of the gemstone, it is features Lord Shiva and Parvati one one face while Lord Ganesh and Kartikeya are on the other faces. The back and top of the gemstone looks equally graceful with carving of Nandi and peacock, the divine Mount of Kartikeya and Shiva. All Deities together representing purity, abundance and good luck are featured raising Their lower right hand in blessing pose in this captivating sculpture. Imparting additional healing benefits of the extremely powerful Blue Sapphire, the idol discharges life transforming positive vibes when installed at your home. It brings immense luck, prosperity, spiritual power and promotes discipline, integrity, and wisdom especially when one meditates upon this idol.

Height:  1.7 inches
Base Dimension:  2 (L) x 2.2 (W) Inches
Weight:  1193 carats