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Shivling Locket in Pure Gold - 4.5 gms


INR 28,350


A Shivling is an abstract representation of Lord Shiva.

This fabulous pendant is a Shivling and is made in pure Gold and designed innovatively with the face of Lord Shiva in place of the Ling. On His head is His knotted hair, with the crescent Moon on the left. From the top of the knot is a sprout of water, which is Goddess Ganga (Ganges river). Unlike most images of Lord Shiva, in this pendant His eyes are seen open, which have been drawn with utmost care to a serene expression and His face has been treated to a smooth and clam finish. The other aspects, like His Third Eye, the smear of ash on his forehead, the snake wrapped around his neck with its hood raised up, all are made to near perfection.

The pendant comes with a secure bail which also has a touch of style and allows chains of various thicknesses to pass through it.

This Shivling pendant in Gold is attractive and is a must-have for all Lord Shiva devotees.

Dimension: 38 mm (H) x 29 mm (L) x 16 mm (W)
Weight: 4.5 gms

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