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The Divine Lord Shiva

Lord Shiva, also regarded as the representation of the Supreme Being, is known as one of the Gods of the Hindu Trinity of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, Lord Mahesh. Lord Shiva has many names like Mahadev, Shambho, Rudra, Bholenath etc. Responsible for change in the form of death and destruction, Lord Shiva maintains the circle of life by maintaining the circle of destruction and recreation. Lord Shiva represents the most essential goodness. Lord Shiva is loved and respected all over the world. Rudra Centre brings to you Shiva pendants and Shiva lockets that are a great representation of the values and the spirit of Lord Shiva. This collection of Lord Shiva pendants/ Shiv lockets are gracefully designed, well crafted with neat and smooth finish that best highlight the essence of the invincible Lord Shiva and are available online for our customers to choose from. Gold The diverse range of Mahadev lockets or Lord Shiva pendants that are available at Rudra Centre aims to provide our respected customers with different designs and themes that showcase Lord Shiva through these beautiful Shiv ji lockets. Needless to say that the Shiva pendants and Mahadev lockets are extremely popular among Lord Shiva devotees and are bought online. The Lord Shiva pendants can be worn on a daily basis as they are light weight and are trendy. Mahadev lockets/Mahadev pendants usher the blessings of Lord Shiva to the wearer. Our range of Lord Shiva pendants include Gold and Silver Shiva Lockets. The Shiva lockets are well-designed with meticulous workmanship according to the theme that showcases the holiness of Lord Shiva in each pieces of Shiv Locket. Made from the pure Gold and pure Silver, these Lord Shiva lockets or Mahadev pendants compliment their design and art work. Devotees choose Gold pendants and Lord Shiva Silver pendant online and place the order which is delivered, packed in attractive and safe boxes to their doorsteps. Rudra Centre presents elegance and spirituality as it specialises in spiritual accessories and every piece of Various design options are available of Lord Shiva pendants or Mahadev Lockets depicting the almighty Lord Shiva in different ways or forms, including His symbols, like the Shiva Trishul Locket, which is available in the variant of Gold Trishul pendant, the Shivling pendant, the Om Shiva Locket, Bhairav Locket in Panchdhatu, Parad Shiva pendant etc. The beautiful and diverse series of Lord Shiva Lockets can be worn along with red or black threads. The Mahadev lockets and Mahadev pendants work on the wearer in many healing ways as it stays in touch with the skin. Our array of Shiv pendants or Mahakal pendants are sure to entice you to select, order online and make addition to your spiritual jewellery collection.


Shiva pendant Gold - Lord Shiva Gold pendant range has enamouring designs like the Shiva Pendant which has the Shivling as well as Lord Shiva's face look Divine, Shivling pendant, Gold Trishul pendant and many other Shiva pendant Gold. Shiva pendant Silver - Buying Lord Shiva Silver pendant online is popular and comprises of pendants with detailed carvings which can be worn daily, like, Trishul pendant designed in various styles are desirable for Lord Shiva devotees and several other Shiva pendant Silver.


Mahadev Locket Gold - Lord Shiva Gold Lockets or Shiv ji Lockets made of Gold are sure to steal the hearts of customers with design options like, Shiva Parvati Locket in pure Gold, Shivling lockets with different smart designs etc. Shiva Locket in Silver - A variety of Lord Shiva Lockets in Silver, like, the Nataraj pendant , Om symbol with Lord Shiva's face and many more such innovative designs of Lord Shiva locket which will surely be admired by everyone when worn.