Shree Hanuman Yantra Ring in Silver


INR 2,300


Ring made in 100% pure heavy silver with Shree Hanuman Yantra on top and Lord Hanuman at the bottom to bless the wearer.

Lord Hanuman is worshipped for power and protection. Hanuman is described to be one for whom nothing is impossible and one who is the embodiment of faith, devotion, fearlessness, self-confidence, and loyalty. Valmiki goes on to point out that success is the outcome of such an attitude. Hanuman in one interpretation is the incarnation or reflection of Shiva.

All evil spirits fear Him and the the presence of this Yantra destroys all negativity. This Yantra also enables Healers to strengthen their ability to transfer healing prana.

Mantra: "Om Hum Hanumate Rudratamkaya Hoom Phat"

Diameter of Yantra: 25 mm
Width of band: 20 mm
Silver Used: Approximately 10 gms

It is ideally worn in right little finger. Wear this ring so that the yantra faces away from you.

Made to size. Please specify ring size on checkout.

Blessed and Energised