Shree Yantra in Sphatik - 221 gms


INR 33,150


The lustrous Shree Yantra is precisely carved from natural Sphatik(Crystal) Gemstone and is extremely powerful. Sphaik Gemstone amplifies the positive energies of the Divine Shree Yantra, many folds. The auspicious Shree Yantra is a mystical diagram, which acts as a tool to manifest both worldly/material desires and spiritual attainments. The Shree Yantra Mandala rises from its square base to Lotus Petals to nine interlocking Triangles to reach the Sumeru point or Bindu. The Shree Yantra is considered a connection between Universe and the Divine. Each line, curve, circle, triangle, Lotus has its profound meaning in the diagram of the Shree Yantra.

The Shree Yantra in Sphatik is especially meritorious for installing at home as it transforms the space with its positive energies by eliminating negative energies. It is an important tool in Vastu Shastra, removes challenges from the path of the worshipper, acts like a magnet, drawing prosperity, success, wealth, good opportunities, brings harmony in relationships and abundance. Sphatik Gemstone helps to focus, which promotes meditation. This makes meditating on the Bindu of Shree Yantra in Sphatik a deep experience which helps to align with Divine energies and augments spiritual evolution. The glorious Shree Yantra in Sphatik heals physical ailments and emotions, establishes loving and peaceful energies in the space it is kept. Sphatik Gemstone is known for brining clarity or clearing the energies of a person/space, which is complimented by the Shree Yantra.

The Shree Yantra in Sphatik can be installed by anyone, irrespective of religion or cast as it is the dwelling of pure Divine energies. When worshipped with pure intensions, the Shree Yantra in Sphatik fulfils the wishes of the devotee.

The presence of an energised Shree Yantra in Sphatik at home enhances the quality of life for the inmates of the space and blesses with contentment.

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Placement: Yantra energizes the location where it is installed. You may place it near the entrance of your home/office/shop or in your living room or reception or study room or office cabin. You may keep it on a table or use as a wall hanging. Yantra is best placed in the East direction facing West. It gets energised by the rising rays of the Sun and with the divine vibrations of the East corner and provides positive transformation energies to the dwelling through its mystical geometry.

Dimension: 55.31 (H) x 57.94 (L) x 57.94 (B) mm
Weight: 221 gms

Blessed and Energised