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Shree Yantra Meru Ring in Gold


INR 71,390


Breathtakingly beautiful Meru Shree Yantra ring made in pure Hallmark gold. Shree Yantra is the most auspicious of all yantras and blesses the wearer with success, power and happiness. This ring is the source of accomplishing worldly desires and for spiritual upliftment.

Importance of Shree Yantra:
  • It blesses with peace, popularity, power, authority and prosperity
  • It helps in clearing negative energies.
  • It is the symbolic form of all Gods and Goddesses.
  • It is the source of attaining worldly desires & fulfilling wishes.
  • It helps achieve much greater affluence, peace and harmony.

  • It is ideally worn in left ring finger. It is advisable to wear the ring in such a way that the Yantra faces away from you.

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    Blessed and Energised