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Siddha Parad Gutika in silver


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It is Complete with 8 Samskaras, i.e. 8 stages of Purification with removal of Saptakanchuki (100% medicated and hygienic) as prescribed in Parad Samhita. The Siddha Parad (Mercury mouth closed with Aghor Vidhya) is formed to make Murthi – Badhha/Agnibadha (heat sustaining) Parad Gutika. The Gutika gives 24 Ras and 5 Tatva which removes various diseases from the body.

Siddh Parad Gutika is worn for peace, prosperity, health and spiritual growth. Siddha Parad Gutika is prepared by Vaidya Shree Pundit Deenanath of Jaipur. Read More

Parad Benefits: Parad works on the Sahasrara Chakra. Parad enhances the connection with Lord Shiva and gives benefits in meditation and spiritual routine. It brings peace, contentment, concentration and dhyana. Siddh Parad when prepared as per ancient knowledge of Parad Bandhan contains miraculous properties of healing and protection.

  • Heals Sahasrara(Crown) chakra
  • Removes fears and delusions
  • Brings protection
  • Enhances focus and concentration
  • Brings spiritual growth
  • Attracts luck and fulfilment
  • Bring peace of mind

  • Authenticity Certificate provided with purchase.

    Design: Siddha Parad Gutika in silver is made from a pure Parad bead capped in pure silver and strung by a silk thread to be worn close to the throat.

    Method of wearing:- Wear close to throat as a pendent or wear as bracelet on right hand.
    *If you are right handed from birth.

    One can choose the Pure Siddha Parad Gutika either with or without silver coating. The gutika without the silver coating works faster where as the one with silver coating looks more beautiful. Please specify on checkout.