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About Parad Siddh Gutika


Parad is considered to be the purest metal and Parad Siddh Gutika is a bead made of solidified mercury that has gone through many stages of purification. This process makes the Parad Gutika free of any defects. Parad is said to be the semen of Lord Shiva and the most divine metal with spiritual powers. It is worn for seeking the blessings of Lord Shiva and helps the wearer to increase the power of concentration.

The Gutika bead is normally strung in a thread or strung creatively to hang on a wall. One can wear it as a bracelet on the right hand if he/she is right-handed by birth or ideally it should be worn close to the throat. It is perfect to place in your home, office, or shop and eliminate the negative forces.

Benefits of Siddh Parad Gutika:

  • Parad brings harmony and peace in your life as well as the household.
  • It is said to help cure diabetes, heart diseases, and blood pressure to some extent.
  • Problems related to sexual health are also healed by Parad (Mercury).
  • It enhances the self-confidence of the wearer.
  • It removes fears and brings spiritual growth.
  • It attracts good luck and fulfillment of desires.
  • It protects the wearer from black magic and evil spirits.
  • It keeps the wearer free from diseases and balances the physical and mental health.
  • It is a great tool for meditating and gives Chitta Shuddhi.
  • It increases the memory power and helps the wearer to grasp quickly.

Chakra Benefits:

Parad Gutika is useful for balancing the Sahasrara Chakra which is also known as Crown Chakra. Issues like depression, migraine, and skin problems arise if the Sahasrara Chakra is blocked and Parad (Mercury) helps in awakening this Chakra. An open Sahasrara Chakra means you feel a connection with your Higher Self and you experience peace of mind as Parad connects you with Lord Shiva.

Where to buy it?

Gemstones and spiritual products are to be bought from a verified source to ensure originality. Treated gemstones or impure Parad beads are not as effective as the pure one. It doesn’t give the best results so it is always important to check if the seller is providing a certificate of authenticity to you.

Why buy from Rudra Centre?

We provide the best quality gemstones and spiritual products all over the world. Rudra Centre has a variety of options in every product category so you can choose the product that suits your preferences. You get a certificate of authenticity along with the gemstone or spiritual item that you buy. This helps you to be sure of the genuine quality of the item. The Parad Siddh Gutika from Rudra Centre is complete with 8 Samskaras as per the Parad Samhita. You can consult our RRST experts if you have any doubts about how to wear and the best way to wear the Parad Gutika.

Original Parad Gutika Price

Siddh Parad Gutika is a highly revered bead and the price depends on its shape and weight. You can buy Parad Gutika online from our wonderful range as we have the top quality spiritual products made by the best artisans.