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Saraswati Idol In Sphatik (Crystal), Saraswati Idols for Home, Saraswati idols for Temple

Rudra Centre offers Saraswati idols online at best price. These idols are completely made of crystal mineral or gemstone. Crystal or Sphatik retains the energy of meditation and mantra chanting. Best when installed in the study-room of Children. Buy Saraswati idols online made of crystal stone at best price.

Saraswati Idol In Rose Quartz, Saraswati Mata Statue Online, Saraswati Mata Idol

Buy online Saraswati Murti entirely of Rose Quartz without artificial colour, paint or chemical. Best to install on the work desk, at home or gifted to your loved ones. While the idol attracts the grace of Goddess Saraswati, the Rose Quartz blesses you with compassion, nurturing, love and tenderness. Buy Saraswati idols at best price from Rudra Centre.

Saraswati Idol in Green Jade, Buy Saraswati Idols Online, Gemstone Idols Of Maa Saraswati

Rudra Centre offers elegant idols of Saraswati made from a single Green Jade stone. Of all the gemstones, Green Jade represents compassion, trust, reliability, peace, protection and tranquillity. Worshiping or meditating on this idol balances the Heart Chakra. Buy Saraswati murti online at best price from Rudra Centre.

Saraswati In Honey Onyx, Saraswati Mata Idol, Small Sarawati Idol, Saraswati Statue

Buy Saraswati idol online made of Honey Onyx which is associated self-control and balancing of the male/female polarities. In the Vedic astrology, the Onyx is associated with Saturn, Earth and the sign of Leo. Those seeking to build relationships and enhance spiritual growth may install Sarawati in Honey Onyx at their home or office. By worshipping this idol, students perform well in the examinations. Worshipping Her increases concentration and memory power. Buy Saraswai idols at best price online.