Sphatik lingam - 713 gms


INR 96,250


A radiant and flawless Sphatik Lingam carved from 100% natural Sphatik or Crystal Quartz Gemstone. It is apt for mounting on Yoni base of Silver or other material to be worshipped at home or workspace. The auspicious Sphatik Lingam is one of the most powerful and best Lingam to be worshipped among Gemstone Lingams. It is said that worshipping the Sphatik Lingam is equivalent to worshipping the 12 Jyotirlingas. The pure energies of the Sphatik Gemstone aptly represents Nirguna (attribute less) Lord Shiva. The ritual of Pran Prathishta is not required for the Sphatik Lingam, because real Sphatik Gemstone is considered to be perfect pure energy. The Lingam is an abstract representation of infinite Lord Shiva, who has no beginning, nor no end.

The Sphatik Lingam has a calming effect on the mind, brings harmony among family members and dissolves conflicts, bestows clarity of thoughts, prosperity, enhances confidence, is potent in healing diseases and ailments, shields with protection and invites blessings of Lord Shiva. Worshipping it also brings new opportunities/customers/clients which makes the Sphatik Lingam meritorious for workspace too.

Gemstones have high vibrations and innate healing powers and therefore Gemstone Shivlings are preferred to be worshipped. Sphatik or Clear Qartz Gemstone is known as a Master Healer. It is a stone which clears negative energies and purifies the space and aura of the devotees and is famous for its quality of holding and amplifying the energies, of Mantra chanting. The gemstone has a calming effect and wards off evil energies, Black Magic and other lower energies. It cleanses and balances the Sahasrara or Crown Chakra, which opens the gateway to connect with one's higher self and the Divine world.

Lord Shiva is pure consciousness and His powers are beyond human understanding. Meditating on the Sphatik Lingam enhances focus, brings awareness, expands consciousness, augments spiritual advancement and is one of the best tool to connect with the Shiva Tatva.

The Shivling is worshipped by conducting Abhishek, sacred bathing, with Water and fresh Cow Milk and other liquids, which are Curd, Ghee, Honey, along with chanting of Lord Shiva Mantras.

Install the virtuous Sphatik Lingam by mounting it on a Yoni base of any material, in your Puja Mandir at home or work space. It clears negative energies and keeps the space charged with positivity, ushers peace, harmony in relationships, happiness in family, abundance, positive transformation, relieves from health problems, helps to get rid of confusion, provides relief from malefic effect of the Navagraha, and fulfils desires. Read more on Significance of Linga

Placement: Place the Yoni base in such a way that it faces North direction. So, the West face of the Lingam is worshipped.

Height: 4.1 inches
Centre Diameter: 2.6 inches
Weight: 713 gms