Sundarkand at Sitaram das temple


INR 25,501


Sundarkand is the 4th Chapter of Ramcharitmanas, the great scripture devoted for telling the story of Lord Ram. In Sunderkand, there is a beautiful narration of Bhakti of lord Hanuman towards Ram. This is the chapter that is dedicated to the ventures of Hanuman and talks about his victory over the evil, his miracles and wonders. Friendship of Ram and Sugreev takes place and Lord Hunuman reaches Lanka in search of Sita Mata after flying over the sea and his deeds are beautifully narrated. He meets Sita Mata in Ashok Vatika and later burns Lanka, the kingdom of demon king Ravan who had abducted Sita earlier. He returns back and joyfully informs the well being of Sita Mata.

Sundarkand is usually read during auspicious times. It is read at the beginning of a new work . When people face problems in life and are low in confidence, it is advised to read Sundarkand. Many astrologers and saints also advise people to read Sundarkand during their difficult times. This helps people by solving their problem specially the malicious effects of Mars and Shani planets. It is believed that people who read Sundarkand regularly are blessed by Lord Hanuman.

The path is done with a team of 5 pundits at Sitaram das temple who use musical instruments to sing and chant praises of Lord Rama during the entire duration of the Paath. A Homa is done at the end of the paath.

If we see it from a psychological perspective, Sundarkand is the only chapter that boosts confidence in people. After reading it, people feel mentally strong and can complete their unfinished work easily. The steps for recitation of Sunderkand are as below:
  • Sankalp
  • Invoking Of Gods
  • Viniyog
  • Sundarkand Path
  • Aarti
  • Hawan

  • No. of priests: 5
    Duration: 1 day