Surya Face Locket in pure silver


INR 525


A radiant Surya Face Locket made in pure Silver. Simple but powerful, the Locket has a circle with the face of Surya Dev or Sun God carved on it neatly, with Sun rays around the face. The Locket can be worn with any attire and looks smart.

The Surya face Locket in pure Silver brings the powerful energies of Sun God and empowers with stamina, good health, brilliance, will power, positivity, wisdom, growth propels the wearer successfully ahead in life, bestows name, fame and more.

The Surya Face Locket in pure Silver is a must have for its merits and a gift of good health and luck for friends and family.

Dimensions:  0.9 (H) x 0.8 (W) inches
Weight: 2.63 gms