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Sun -Lord Surya

Lord Sun is the main source of energy and is also termed as a Prannadata i.e., life giver since nothing in this world would run without its energy. Being one of the most powerful sources of energy, the Sun is the symbol of power and authority. Worshippers can find this very long life, a good health, victory in any situation and a large amount of wealth from blessings of Lord Sun. From some time there has been no proper source for this form of worship but now you can own the very blessing in form of Surya locket available from Rudraksha Ratna collection of Rudra Centre.

The amazing fact about Surya pendant at the Rudra Centre is that you can choose from a wide variety of lockets to suit the desired need. You can choose to get inspired from the crystal locket that has the Sun symbol etched on a Quartz crystal. The crystal is thoughtfully selected since it inhibits the power to retain the energy of mantras and at the same time removes any form of negative energy around the worshipper wearing it. It looks truly divine, being carefully chiseled small-sized with a diameter of only 20mm.

The Surya lockets are also available in silver which is an important metal that is considered in God worshipping. All silver lockets are made from pure high grade silver and are quite light in weight. The best part of Surya silver pendant is that it is available in many different designs, shapes and also variable sizes in the same design to serve the need of a willful worshipper. Apart from the Surya silver pendant there is also Surya gold pendant available which looks exquisite and is made from the purest gold available. It can be worn across the neck securely using a black or red colored sacred thread.