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Swastik Pyramid in copper


INR 950

INR 675


This powerful Swastik made in copper carries the power of 153 pyramids and Swastik. Swastik symbolizes the creation and expansion of universe and promotes energies of prosperity and peace. Pyramids generate fire (vital source of life) in middle and energise their surrounding. The Swastik with pyramids makes a powerful tool for removing Vastu defects. Designed to be mounted on a wall, it can be hung near the entrance of your house or office for protection from negative energies and attraction of positive energies. It helps nullify Vastu defects like inauspicious location of door, location of lift, stair, tree, big structure or electric pole opposite of the main door. For Vastu defects of North-East, east or north caused due to location of mountain, the Swastik pyramid when placed in respective direction helps neutralize the defect.