The Play of Planets in Houses


INR 750.00


Authored by: DS Mathur
Published by: Sagar Publications

The Play of Planets in Houses: A Bhrigu Analysis Part one (1 to 6 House) and Part two (7 to 12 House)

This is a book that has ventured into partially explored territory. There is no old classical work that deals with planets in houses and signs both at the same time. Some attempts have been made in recent years. The meager literature that is available does not base itself on classical information. The descriptions are also couched in language of the yore. It does not state the effects in terms of modern idiom. This book addresses the deficiency in a reasonably detailed manner and it is going to be a mandatory addition to all astrological literature shelve.

Dimension of Each Books: 5.5 (L) X 8.5 (H) inches
Width: Approx. 1.2 inches
Format:: Paperback

Number of Pages
Vol I: 624
Vol II: 483