Tiger Eye Bracelet - Cuboid Shape


INR 360


Origin: Brazil

Bracelet made of cuboid shaped natural tiger eye gemstone beads will reflect your trendsetting style. Strung in stretch elastic, the bracelet with natural silky luster and mixed shades of brown looks truly tasteful. The bracelet imparting the healing benefits of Tiger eye makes a valuable accessory that can be worn every day. Tiger eye is a stone fortune and balance. It stimulates confidence, sharpens senses and enhances willpower, focus and emotional stability thus ideal for those facing issues with quick thinking, practical decision making and internal battles. Long term usage of this bracelet ensures gradual healing of Root chakra.

Bead Size: 13 x 9 x 9 mm
No. of Beads: 12 Beads
Length: 7 inches

This item is made of 100% natural and untreated gemstone and certificate is shown here. If you need certificate for your individual product, you will need to email us at contact@rudracentre.com and pay an additional amount of Rs 300.