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Tirupati Balaji Shaligram Murti - XX


INR 12,900


Lord Balaji is worshipped and invoked for blessings of abundance and is considered one of the most benevolent Gods. His right hand in the giving mode assures His devotees of wishes being granted.

The Shaligram is a sacred stone worshipped by the Hindus , especially by the Vaishnavas (a denomination of Hinduism who worship Lord Vishnu and all His avatars) and is said to represent Lord Vishnu. The Vaishnavas consider the Shaligram as the "dwelling place of Lord Vishnu". The Shaligram is worshipped for six values of life :- righteous living, wealth, protection, good health, pleasures and spiritual growth. This sacred stone is found in the Gandaki Kali River in Nepal.

In this Tirupati Balaji murti (idol), which is made from a single piece of the sacred Shaligram stone, the carving shows how cleverly and creatively the craftsman has etched the idol to fit the asymmetrical shape of the Shaligram stone, giving it a natural touch. This is visible in the petal design on the sides around this Shaligram Balaji idol. It is apparent that the Lord Balaji idol is carved on one half of the Shaligram while the other half is left intact, in its original stone shape.

The worship of the Shaligram include daily 'Abhishekham' with Tulsi water and Panchamrit (a combination of five substances which includes cow milk, curd, sugar, ghee and honey).

The Shaligram Tirupati Balaji murti should be installed in the puja alter.

Height: 3.4 inches
Base Dimension: 3.3 (L) x 1.9 (W) inches
Weight: 462 gms