Trinetra Narmada Shiva Lingam


INR 47,750


Narmada lingam in silver grey colour with a prominent red eye in the centre, takes on the form of the Trinetra Shiva who holds a third eye on His forehead. Found on banks of the Narmada River, it is naturally rolled in a lingam shape due to the river flow and is considered very auspicious for worship by Shiva devotees. It is placed on a black marble yoni base. It is worshipped by those who are into Sadhana of Lord Shiva for awakening of spiritual consciousness, happiness, health and peace of mind.

Dimension of Narmada Shivling:-
Height: 8 inches
Centre Diameter: 4.5 inches
Weight: approx. 4.36 kgs

Dimension of Yoni base:-
Height of Yonibase: 6.5 inches
Length of Yonibase: 18 inches
Width of Yonibase: 11.5 inches
Weight: approx. 20.80 Kgs

Total Height of Set: approx. 13.8 inches
Total Weight of Set: approx. 25.16 Kgs

Dimension of Wooden Box:- 10 (H) x 22 (L) x 16 (W) inches
Weight of Wooden Box:- 11.44 kgs