Twenty Mukhi from Java Indonesia - Small - LXVI


INR 51,000

INR 51,000

INR 51,750

INR 54,750

INR 61,875

INR 55,950

INR 51,400


This rare Rudraksha is ruled by the Creator of the Universe , Lord Brahma. Gives blessings for attainment of divine knowledge in Creation, sciences, arts and music. Wearer becomes the Creator with immense knowledge and intellect. Wearer is blessed with immense power, wealth and fulfilment of desires. Worn by those who desire to manifest projects for the benefit of humanity.

Benefits: Power of manifestation and creation of projects for benefit of humanity.
Ruling God: Brahma
Ruling Planet: Earth
BEEJ Mantra: "Om Hreem Hreem Hoom Hoom Brahmane Namah"
Wearing Mantra: Brahmatave Srajaye vishvam Sthitow Palyate punah

Origin: Java
Bead Size: 12 mm

Stringing Instructions

The exact bead shown in above picture would be sent to you.